Five Questions Monday


From great taste in eggs and films to a truly terrible joke. We learn a little more about Cat Winters, author of The Cure For Dreaming and In The Shadow of Blackbirds through her offering to the 5 Questions Monday Gods…

1.       How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Scrambled, with a dash of pepper.

2.       What’s your favourite joke?

Hmm, I’d probably say my favourite is the very first one I remember learning as a kid: Where do sheep go to get their hair cut? The bah-bah shop!

(I didn’t say it was a great joke, but it was hysterical to me when I first learned it.)

3.       What film character are you most like?

Sally Albright, from the classic romantic comedy WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. Like her, I’m a notoriously picky eater who sometimes takes a while to order her food, plus I was friends with my husband before I ever fell in love with him.

4.       What is the first book you ever read?

The first book I remember being able to read out loud by myself is NEVER TALK TO STRANGERS by Irma Joyce. It uses entertaining animal drawings and poems to teach lessons about stranger danger, and I most certainly didn’t talk to strangers because of it!

5.       Would you rather be hypnotised or attend a séance? 

Hypnotized. As much as I love ghost tales and tours of haunted sites, the idea of communicating with the dead through a séance terrifies me. I’d be frightened of either interacting with an actual ghost or getting swindled by a fake medium, as what happens to my IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS protagonist. However, I did hold séances with friends as a kid.

Want to know more?

Twitter: @catwinters


Tumblr: @catwintersbooks



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