Broadway #BookstoreoftheWeek

“My instinct was simply that every high street needs a bookshop as much as it needs a chemist, greengrocer…” – Jane Howe,owner of this week’s #BookstoreOfTheWeek, Broadway Bookshop!

There are many wonderful things to be found on Broadway Market.

Beer, wine, whiskey, chocolate from that stall down the end, you know the one we mean.

And yet, it is not the lively atmosphere, canal views and antique stalls that keep us coming back. It’s our #BookstoreOfTheWeek Broadway Bookshop! 

It takes a lot to stand out on Broadway Market but, our Broadway Bookshop is a shining gem in both it’s choice of store-front colour and the selection of literary fiction, beautiful art books, quirky biographies and everything else from politics to poetry available.

Broadway Bookshop is packed with books. It’s like the library you imagined yourself having behind a secret door in the castle you lived in when you grew up to be a princess…

… Just us? Ok.

Broadway Bookshop is more cleverly laid out than your dream library, it undoubtedly has a better selection and also hosts events, exhibitions and a lovely team of booksellers!

Both a literary and cultural goldmine,Broadway Bookshop is more than a bookshop, it is a permanent exhibition space and is currently exhibiting Traveller’s Children in London Fields an exhibition of photographs by Colin O’Brien. An absolute must see.

London’s love of the Broadway Bookshop is mutual, the shop’s travel section is full of local history and guides. They also have a seemingly endless collection of second-hand collectables including the ever-popular Penguin classics. Broadway Bookshop is perfect for a browse and ideal if you’ve managed to get through your ‘to-read’ list as the staff put together an excellent list of their monthly recommendations. The three floors of the bookshop are cosy and welcoming and although the books appear to be randomly stacked they’re actually cleverly arranged based on the staff’s trustworthy opinion of what’s worth reading.

Broadway’s wonderful Broadway Bookshop is an ideal escape from the madness of the market, it’s perfect for a browse or a recommendation, it’s happiness for your soul, it’s our #BookstoreOfTheWeek!

Quote from Jane Howe via Meville House.


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