Abrams&Chronicle Books top tips for being a proper lush.

Is Riesling the ‘Best White Wine on Earth’?

Personally, we like a good box of Pinot Grigio, but we’re not fussy.

Wine’s wine, right?

Well, no. It’s all in the way you drink it. Allegedly.

So, without further ado, here are Abrams&Chronicle Books top tips for being a proper lush.

1. Never, ever leave wine behind. 

This applies to all situations. Including, not showing up at a dinner party empty handed and not leaving that final sip in the glass when the barman is shouting at you to leave the bar at 3am.

2. Always taste before you commit to a bottle.

Sure, you don’t know what you’re doing but, who are you to turn down free wine?

3. The vessel is everything.

Stuart Pigott says that the right glass will free up the aromas and make your wine all the more pleasing.

Your perfect glass is your call.

Just don’t drink it from a mug. Be better than that.

4. Match your choice of wine to your meal.

White with fish. Red with beef. Rosé over a bag of pub crisps.

5. Don’t drink the house.

It’s generally terrible. Don’t go mad though, next on the list will do the job.

This also applies to not drinking every drop of wine you have in your house. You are not Bridget Jones.

6. It’s all psychological.

Stuart believes that if you think a wine is expensive you’re more likely to think it tastes better. Luckily, lying to yourself becomes really easy when wine is involved eg. “Yes, we absolutely need another bottle”

He also tells us that Riesling has the smallest mark-up in price, and thus, we have been converted.

Help us, we’re poor but we love wine.

Bottoms up!

Best White Wine on Earth, 9781617691102, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, £15.99, July 2014


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